Thursday, 29 November 2012

That's Christmas All Booked Up

We've got Christmas all wrapped up! Yes you do. If you're giving everyone a book this Christmas. 

I like a book, my son (who's two) also likes a book. My mum likes books, my dad likes a book. So in fact, the initial disdain and sarcasm I felt for them using the CAWU line is unfounded and actually its convinced me to buy everyone a book this year. 

Well done 'Book Events', you do indeed have Christmas All Wrapped Up and furthermore I'm not going to delay. 

This could be the salvation for everybody's Christmas shopping - I don't know who the 'Book People'  are, but thank you. 

Also they've gone to Christmas town on the look. Nice ribbon effect, plenty of gifts, baubles and decorations. Plus, as an Art Director pointed out... 'its even got Lobster in it!'. 

Hooray for the Christmas Lobster.

Many thanks to Ady Staley for finding this hidden gem.

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