Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Let the wrapping begin...

Merry Christmas All Wrapped Up 2013,

Now in our third year, CAWU is a little bit older and wiser. However, that means the next generation of fresh faced creatives are discovering the wonders of this line for the first time and realising that those four little words can make life so much easier when it comes to selling and marketing at Christmas. Which is great news for us, hopefully we'll be seeing it all over the place over the next 6 weeks.

So (a bit later than last year), I pronounce 'CAWU 2013 officially OPEN.

SFX: 'snip'

Two great spots from a new contributor. Thanks very much for Kimberley Baxter for finding both of these, although we do wonder who gets the gift from Peacocks and who get's the nice present? 

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