Thursday, 5 December 2013

All Wrapped up - the bumper edition

We've had quite the bulging sack of Wrapped Up finds. So instead of dragging it out, I'm going to empty it here and post up what's currently out there. Let the bag shaking begin!

First out the bag is a double header from Jigsaw... Nice to see the campaign tracking through from online into store. Good use of fake snow in the shop window. Although, does anyone really leave presents outside?

Found and photographed by James Devon (Thanks for remembering us)

Secondly, we have the old christmas wrapping paper theme press ad... A classic in our eyes (O2, you missed a trick this year - Matt)

No idea what SURE. is but we are loving the simulated tear in the design - really adds to the magic of the line. Many thanks and Happy Birthday to Mr Shaun Rogers for bringing this to our attention.

Thirdly, fourthly and fifthly we go digital. Using the CAWU line in its simplest form. No fuss, but no energy either - a disappointing 3/10. A bonus point to Beefeater Grill for at least adding the christmas icons wallpaper behind the line but on the whole this line deserves better.

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