Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Music to our CAWU ears

HMV, the last resort when it comes to Xmas presents if truth be told. It's an easy out when you're stuck for an idea for dad and then you end up getting everyone something from here - Downton Abbey for mum, Stand up DVD from one of the latest crop of cool comedy kids for your brother, and a Whitesnake Tee for Nan.

Few twinkly lights, lots of lens flair and a smattering of snow (although it could be dust or dandruff). Pity the HMV logo wasn't topped with snow, but the CWU line is bold and is doing its job in letting the public know you can have it all done in just a few clicks.

Many thanks to David Hustwit for another great spot - I guess we all know what his family are getting this year.

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