Thursday, 12 November 2015

And we're off for 2015!

With #MoonHitler spying on kids for John Lewis, the launch of the Pret Christmas Sandwich (6/10) and glittery MSG being liberally sprinkled over all the supermarket's offerings, I was worried that Christmas All Wrapped Up had missed the launch of the festivities.

I'll be honest, I had begun to think that maybe the line had finally come to the end of its natural life as it's been all quiet in the CAWU house. Discussing this over a post-work pint last night, my phone buzzed gently and when I looked down an image appeared that would restore my faith with the advertising fraternity.

Thank heavens for Ascot.

Not only that, but it's a double-yolker for the Royal racecourse as this is the second year in a row that they've used those four lovely words. God bless you.

I'm hoping that 2015 will be our best CAWU year ever, but I have a feeling we might have been rumbled. Hope springs eternal though...

Keep 'em peeled people.

Many thanks to CAWU stalwart, James Devon for the text. And also @MsCheeseonToast for cutting it out and leaving it on the kitchen table for me when I got home.

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