Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dial C for Christmas

Slim pickings this year so far. I know December has only just started but we're usually on the wind down by now. Anyway, another repeat offender turned up last night and it was quite a relief to be honest. Please be upstanding and slow clap TESCO for coming good just when it mattered.

I have a slight issue with this ad. And that is...  who really gives a phone as a gift?

Imagine the scene on Christmas morning:

'Here's your present!'

<tears off Tesco Value Wrapping Paper>
'Oh wow! A phone. It's great, thank you!'

'It's only £49 a month for the next 24 months, you're very welcome'

That aside it looks like budgets have been cut this year, fortunately it the copywriter was still able to flex his creative muscle. If there was one, it looks like the Art Director 'phoned' it in (on his new Galaxy S6) pretty early on and who can blame him. 'Here's the images', they said 'but feel free to Christmas it up a bit.'

'Put 20% transparency on the snow flakes and send it to print.'

Many thanks to Mr Workman for rescuing CAWU this year.

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