Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Probably the last wrapped up of the season

Well, I said it was slim pickings this year and it looks like (unless there's a massive surge of briefs coming in the last week - I pity the creatives if that's true) this could be the last CAWU of 2015.

Three lousy posts. Th-r-e-e. We've even had to look at social as an outlet.

Anyway, regardless of quantity, let's look at quality. And there's none to be found here from probably the best lager in the world. If the CGI designer had at least made half an attempt to make it look like it was real, then we'd have something to get excited about, but I fear this went straight into design from the client, courtesy of the account department because workflow said 'No'.

Perhaps we should start a JFDI blog.

But let's not finish on a low. There's a week to go and maybe a quick letter to the white bearded big guy might save CAWU 2015.

In other news, Hark the Herald Angels, my replacement fridge door bottle shelf has just arrived!

Maybe this is the last post.

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