Wednesday, 23 November 2016


I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a bit of a shocker. We lost Prince, Bowie, R2-D2, Wogan, Europe and, let's not forget that America is about to sponsor next year's apocalypse. So in these times of uncertainty, it's good to know some things don't change.

So please be upstanding and thank the Evening Standard for sticking with one tradition and kicking off CAWU '16 the same way it has since records began.

Green seems to be the key colour this year for the Standard's portrayal of Christmas, with red taking more of a backseat. It would also appear from previous years, that it's all about the smaller presents rather than the one BIG gift this time.

Whether this is down to austerity or perhaps better things do come in smaller packages, we'll never know. However, seeing this in the middle of the paper last night was like getting a big hug from a family member you haven't seen in a year(s). I can now look forward without dread, knowing that perhaps we'll all be OK this Christmas.

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