Thursday, 24 November 2016


Like the tin of Pringles, the Lynx shower gel and the sack of 'tat' (a plastic bag of 'crap' raided from the Spanish 'Poundland' equivalent) I thoughtfully get every Christmas from Father (and Mother) Christmas, ASCOT comes up with the goods in its usual traditional fashion.

Having spent even less time changing the ad than the Evening Standard from last year, (I'm guessing the '15 has become a '16 and making the background more Royal Blue than Navy) it becomes clear now that they bought this concept from the ad agency back in 1978 and promptly fired them, knowing that it was never going to get much better than this and that their Christmas campaigns for eternity was sorted... and who can argue?

Now that most of the classics are out of the way, (we're still waiting for the 02/Carphone Warehouse 2016 CAWU Metro wrap for the Holly Trinity to be completed) we can then look forward to some fresh CAWU campaigns.

Let's hope there's something worthwhile in the 'Wrapped Up' sack of tat.

Many thanks to Mark 'Sharky' Cochrane for the spot. I'm pretty sure he sent this to me last year. I wouldn't be surprised if he plans their media and buys the ad space. He probably changed the date and colour too.

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