Thursday, 16 November 2017


In truth, I wasn't really ready to get in the Christmas spirit yet. I've still got 3 packs of sparklers left from Bonfire night, I've just got back from a beach holiday and I'm still trying to work out the ending to the John Lewis Christmas ad and why Waitrose's offering was shot in Black & White - food doesn't look appetising in 50 shades of grey (or maybe it does?).

But then this little beauty popped into my message hole and all that changed.

But first, let's talk about last year.

Let's face it, it was a massive disappointment. Whether we've been rumbled or no-one can say 'Christmas' anymore, the fact is, there were very few metaphorical CAWU gifts round the tree last year. <Sigh>.

Maybe things will be different this time? I was thinking of jacking it in, but for the sake of the kids, if nothing else we should give this one more go. We can't just throw away 6 years without trying. Let's persevere.

So a massive thank you to our very own CAWU Father Christmas who never fails to deliver every year, James Devon, who's always on the lookout for us.

I've not watched the original Daddy's Home, but judging by the odd couple demeanour/ layout (and now their dads too) I imagine this sequel, taking place over the festivities, is a right mad cap Christmas yarn on par with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

> Who am I kidding? Nothing competes with that movie!

I'm sure it's a rollercoaster of emotions ending with everyone round the dinner table at the end (Spoiler Alert - probably). However, it does feature our favourite line and there's christmas jumpers and a tree and it's the first CAWU of the season, so fuck it. It's in... because who knows when the next one could arrive? See you in 12 months... probably

CAWU Crew.

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