Monday, 17 November 2014

All Wrapped Up by the Post Office, literally

If there was a checklist for the perfect 'All Wrapped Up' ad there would be a tick in almost every box for this year's festive offering from the Post Office. The Ad geniuses have pretty much thrown the Christmas sink at this and it's glorious. An inspired piece of casting too.

Celebrities  √
Christmas Puns √
Animals in Comedy attire √
Festive Music (Bells included) √
Decorations & Trees √
Double Entendres √
Festive Fonts √
It's Snowing √
Elves & Pixies (A Punderful use of Celebrity again) √
Presents √

For the complete set, some reindeers and of course jolly Old Saint Nick featuring would've have been an added bonus, but I think we can all say that this is greatest CAWU ad of all time.

A work of true Christmas Joy!!!!

Experience the Joy > All wrapped up at the Post Office

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