Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Fat Faced Family Nightmare before Christmas

Probably the best fake family scene at Christmas we've ever seen.

Firstly, who lights candles on Christmas morning?

Now take a closer look at the shot. Does it have a bit of a sinister edge to it? For us, it almost gives the impression we're looking in at this perfect family scene as if we were a balaclava-wearing intruder who's just pushed the door open quietly and is about to about to ruin Christmas morning with a crowbar.

I can see it now. 20 minutes later and the family are literally 'all wrapped up' with gaffer tape to chairs. Gagged and crying, we pick up a candle and use it to torch the house before scampering out the door with all their Fatface knitwear and pyjamas.

We've all seen the countless 'You've Been Framed' home videos of Christmas morning and know it's nothing like this. The tears of disappointment, the fake 'I love it' looks from wives to husbands - this isn't Christmas from any land we're aware of - apart from Adland.

And that's the point.

This one definitely sells the sizzle of Christmas and not the sausage. Not sure how Christmas is 'all wrapped up' in this one but we've got so 'wrapped up' in the backstory, it doesn't really matter any more - unless there's a stylish knitted garment for every Christmas item.

A slightly darker CAWU today - must be the weather, the darkness setting in at 3pm and the sodding cold I've been trying to shake for a week.

Just promise us you won't leave any windows or doors unlocked on Christmas Eve night!

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