Friday, 14 November 2014

Wrapping (News)paper spot

This is fabulous for so many reasons. It's page 12 of the Metro, Anna P (another life-long CAWU advocate) who works for Samsung (their tablet is the star) spotted it and sent it over. And more fantastically, we had a chat with the SAD of O2s ad agency (only last night) saying he'd do his best to make sure they never ran the line.

Well Matt, EPIC LOLs all round!

I would like to know why the woman has gone out in a hat and scarf but no coat though?

God bless you O2, for helping us get through our Friday morning hangover.

Week two and CAWU is moving up a gear. Usually we've got about two/three weeks left before the line has been totally purged for '14. Please keep 'em peeled

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