Monday, 24 November 2014

Merry Kitsch-mas


Our first complete CAWU campaign. Window displays, DM, Online - Cath has really gone to town and brought the line to life in her own stylishly twee way. Exciting times ahead for the 30-something who's looking for a £10 Christmas bauble or a decorative rolling pin for the 'Bake Off' inspired hipster (Do hipsters bake? I suppose they used to before it was trendy). 

Anyway, there's no getting away from the line but i'm just not getting Christmas from it. Yes, there are snow covered 'Dickensian' houses and the trees are laden with snow but the choice of colours give it a 'Mardi Gras in Miami' look and feel. Where's the snowman on the path? Where are the eight Reindeer and a sleigh on the roof? Surely they can't be too Kitsch for Kidston? 

Keep the line, the dial up the Christmas. If anyone has a licence to do Kitsch-mas, Cath has.

Lot's of people to thank for pointing this out. Special thanks to Sarah Wood who took time out of her holiday in freezing cold St Ives to take a shot of the window display. XXX

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