Tuesday, 25 November 2014

All Wrapped Up Norf'

Every time I look at this all I see is a woman holding a Lightsaber.

I imagine a lot of Art Directors will be shaking their heads at the positioning of the type - and rightly so.  It does look a bit 'plonked' on and it's a not the easiest thing to read from distance. And as far as a Christmassy vibe goes, the woman's not exactly full of festive cheer or spirit. I've seen that look before from Mrs CAWU and I can tell you it's more like 'Stop leaving the f**king cupboard doors open!'

I suppose it is snowing but not sure exactly why she's in an underpass - perhaps it's to highlight the homeless at this time of year. A noble cause. I had to get 'Big Coat' out today it was so cold. So thanks 'Blacks' for bringing this to my attention. I'm going to pop a quid in a homeless person's cup this Christmas - providing there's no meths or Brew L'Special residing in the receptacle, that is.

Big love to our friend Richard Barnes in the North for taking the snap.

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