Thursday, 6 November 2014

CAWU 2014 - Officially open (snip!)

On the day John Lewis unleashed its Christmas schmaltz featuring another wintery cliche (We've had snowmen & women, a hibernating bear and a hare and now a Penguin and his... well I won't spoil it for you, if you're the only person who isn't going gooey on the internet about it.), it gives us great pleasure to announce the opening of 'Christmas All Wrapped Up 2014'.

As various establishing members of CAWU have gone their own way since last year, we have high hopes that the message will be spread further. Also, we have new members and it transpires that CAWU (in various guises) exists in other forms, in other agencies - but none so comprehensive as this (obvs).

Anyway, here we go for another year and we start with none-other than actor/performer/comedian/BGT Judge/Can't-work-out-if-we-like-him-or-not, David Walliams.

As CAWU's go it's pretty bold - there's an Owl wearing glasses sitting on a bauble - there's a great pun on the bauble. There's snow - it should tick all the boxes. However, (if you'll excuse the pun) it leaves me a little cold. This could've been more Christmassy - a bow round a book, some elves legs in striped stockings poking out the snow. I appreciate it's early November, but if you're going for the Christmas jugular, you need to go Jingle Balls in.

Still, a solid start, fingers crossed for more.

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